Patient Education Videos



How to Give an Epinephrine Shot to a Child

How to Give yourself an Epinephrine Shot


Anxiety: What is it?


Asthma Action Plan

Asthma: Using an Inhaler and Spacer

Asthma: What Happens in Your Lungs?

Dealing with Asthma Triggers

How to Use a Nebulizer With a Mask

Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler With a Spacer

Using a Metered-Dose Inhaler Without a Spacer

Colds, Flu, and Lung Issues

Benefits of Flu Shots

Pneumonia: Self-Care

Pneumococcal Vaccine


Counseling for Depression

Depression Is Common

Depression: How it Affects Your Body


Epilepsy : Tips for Keeping Your Child Safe

How to Help Someone During a Seizure

Eye, Ear, and Nose Problems

Ear-Infections in Children

Tubes for Ear Infections

Taking Care of Pinkeye at Home

Vision Problems: Aids to Help Your Cope

First Aid

Blister Care

Care for a Skin Wound

Care for Minor Burns

How to Drain Blood From Under a Nail

How to Stop a Nosebleed

How to Wear a Sling

How to Wrap a Sprained Ankle

Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac: What to Do First

RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation


Headaches : Avoiding Triggers

Headaches: Keeping a Diary

Rebound Headaches

Taking Medicine to Stop a Migraine

Hospital and Discharge Care

Caring for Your Feeding Tube

Taking Care of a Cast of Splint

Taking Care of Stitches

Medical Tests

Complete Blood Count (CBC) Test: Understanding the Test

Thyroid Blood Test: Understanding the Test

Urine Test: Understanding the Test


Managing Your Medicines

Saving Money on Medicine

Why Are Blood Tests Needed with Some Medicines?

Mobility Aids

Using Crutches



Newborn Care

6 Survival Tips for New Parents

After the NICU: Caring for Your Baby at Home

Bathing Your Baby

Breast-Feeding: Getting My Baby to Latch

Caring for Your Newborn: Diapers

Caring for Your Newborn: Feeding

Caring for Your Newborn: Sleeping

Caring for Your Newborn: Umbilical Cord

Caring for Yourself While Your Baby is the the NICU

How to Calm a Crying Baby

How to Cope When Your Baby Won’t Stop Crying

Kangaroo Care for Your Baby and You

Learning About the NICU

NICU: Getting Ready to Take Your Baby Home

Using a Rubber Bulb to Clear a Baby’s Nose


Make the Most of Your Doctor Visit

Work Closely With Your Doctor

Pregnancy and Delivery

Pregnancy: Learning About Doctors and Midwives

VBAC: Choosing a Hospital

VBAC or C-Section: What Birth Experience Feels Right for You?


Lack of Sleep

Sleep and Your Health

Sleep Apnea: Having Trouble With CPAP?

Sleep Apnea: How is it Treated?

Sleep Apnea: How Treatment Can Improve Your Life

Sleep Apnea: Time to Get Checked

Sleep Apnea: Using CPAP

Sleep Apnea: What Is It?

Sleep Importance

Sleeping Better

What is a Sleep Study?


Teens and Healthy Eating : What Gets in Your Way?

Teens: Get Moving!

Teens: Overweight? You’re in Charge

Teens: Who Do You See in the Mirror?

Pregnancy and Newborn Care

Breast-Feeding: Getting Your Baby to Latch

Caring for Your Newborn: Sleeping

How to Calm a Crying Baby

Caring for Your Newborn: Feeding

Caring for Your Newborn: Diapers

Caring for Your Newborn: Umbilical Cord

Using a Rubber Bulb to Clear a Baby’s Nose

Why Get Your Child Immunized?

Your Child’s Health

Asthma Action Plan for Your Child

Asthma: Helping a Young Child Take Medicine

Asthma: Is Your Child Using the Rescue Inhaler Too Often?

Asthma: Keeping Your Child Out of the Hospital

Children and Cough and Cold Medicines

Helping Your Child Deal With Asthma

Long-Acting Bronchodilators for Your Child

Managing a Croup Attack

Preparing Your Child For A Hospital Stay

Teaching Your Child to us an Inhaler With A Spacer

Teenagers: Feeling Different Because of Asthma

Why Children Don’t Need Antibiotics for Colds or Flu

Why Get Your Child Immunized?

Why Get Your Older Child or Teen Immunized?